Starting in July, Windows 8.1 users will be reminded by Microsoft of the January 2023 end-of-support date for the operating system

Windows 8.1 is no longer being used by many Windows users. However, individuals who are aware that support for the 8.1 version will stop on January 10, 2023, may or may not be aware.

Microsoft will begin alerting Windows 8.1 customers beginning in July of the imminent end-of-support date. Users will be able to click “Learn more” when they notice alerts, According to Microsoft: “Remind me later,” or “Remind me after the end-of-support date.” In the past, Microsoft has used these types of messages to persuade users of older versions of Windows to upgrade to more recent/supported versions. (Those with domain-joined PCs haven’t been nagged in the past, for what it’s worth.)

In 2013, Microsoft started distributing Windows 8.1, the direct successor to Windows 8, which was not well accepted. In January 2018, Microsoft announced that “Mainstream Support” for Windows 8.1 will be ending. As part of Microsoft’s “Extended Support” programme, Windows 8.1 receives an extra five years of regular security updates, potential software upgrades, and technical help.

Unlike with Windows 7, Microsoft does not intend to provide Extended Security Updates for Windows 8.1. As a result, after January 10, 2023, there will be no ability to get security updates for Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 users are being urged by Microsoft to upgrade to Windows 11, but they also have the option of sticking with Windows 10. Microsoft will continue to provide security updates and support for Windows 10 until October 14, 2025.