Support for nations who are trying to aid Ukraine has been pledged by Bitdefender

Romania’s National Cyber Security Directorate (DNSC) has teamed up with Bitdefender, a cybersecurity business, to assist Ukraine in its fight against the current Russian incursion.

Ukraine and its allies will be able to access cybersecurity expertise and threat intelligence from both organisations at no cost, according to a joint statement issued by the two organisations.

Additionally, NATO and EU-based companies and public institutions who wish to update their current endpoint protection software with Bitdefender’s cybersecurity technology can do so for free for a full year (read: cybersecurity solutions tied with Russia and its allies).

The Third World War?

“Romania feels that cyberspace must be safe and resilient, and no geopolitical or military interests should impact people’s lives and businesses,” the statement continues. “We extend an invitation to all NATO and EU members to participate in this effort.”

Russian cyberwarfare has been active for some time, even though the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine prompted the move. In fact, Alexander Krutskikh, head of international information security for the Russian Foreign Ministry, called the current situation “World War III” during a political science conference late last year.

There is no doubt that this is a third global war; the only question now is who will win and what form will the globe take as a result of this conflict, according to a government official quoted by The Washington Examiner.

Russia appears to be doing an excellent job of turning ransomware attacks into weapons in this conflict. Chainalysis warned earlier this month that the majority of ransomware profits are going to Russian-speaking criminals.

74 percent of all ransom requests in 2021 went to Russian-linked threat actors, which equates to more than 400 million in cryptocurrency, according to Chainalysis.

A recent data breach by Ukrainian security researchers exposed 60,000 chat messages from the Conti ransomware organisation, one of Russia’s most well-known ransomware groups.

Co-founder and CEO of Bitdefender Florin Talpes said: “We are very pained by the unprovoked barbaric act of violence against the free people of Ukraine and we are determined to doing all we can to help them.” When it comes to supporting our northern neighbours, “as patriotic Romanians and a firm of global citizens, we stand shoulder to shoulder.”