T-Mobile Expands In-Flight WiFi Coverage to Include United Airlines

T-Mobile introduced its Coverage Beyond benefit in June, providing customers with its Magenta and Magenta Max plans with a suite of travel-related services at no additional cost. In-flight WiFi sessions on major airlines like Alaska, American, and Delta were one of the most notable new perks. T-Mobile announced the addition of a new major airline today.

As of recently, T-Coverage Mobile’s Beyond service is available on United Airlines flights.

As a Magenta customer, this entails full connectivity (texting, emailing, searching, etc.) for four annual flights and subsequent one-hour sessions. When you’re a Magenta Max customer, you’ll have constant connectivity throughout the flight. The same goes for other streaming services, such as YouTube TV, Netflix, and Paramount+.

You can use T-service Mobile’s on “United’s 737s, MAX8s, MAX9s, select 757-300s, and select A319s with Wi-Fi supported by Viasat and Thales InFlyt Experience.” T-Mobile promised “more flights and Wi-Fi partners to be added soon.”