The ACCC is requesting that NBN providers publish their genuine upload speeds

Because upload speeds have “become increasingly essential to customers” in recent years, Australia’s consumer watchdog wants internet providers to publicly publish the usual upload speeds of their broadband plans.

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), reliable data on internet upload speeds began to dwindle around 2020, just as upload speed became increasingly important as people began to work and study from home.

“At the same time, upload speeds information has become more important to consumers who rely on upload speeds to undertake activities at home that were previously done in the workplace and place of education,” the ACCC’s consultation paper said.

Although internet providers must explicitly identify the average download speed of each plan, the ACCC has discovered that the majority do not specifically mention the upload speeds for their broadband offers.

Many providers may provide the upload speed for each plan in its important information summary, however, the link to this page is usually tiny and difficult to discover, and it often lacks precise data.

100Mbps plans complicate the waters even further. There was just one NBN 100 tier with a 20Mbps upload speed until May 2020, when NBN Co announced a second NBN 100 tier with a 40Mbps upload speed.

The two plans are frequently referred to as NBN 100/20 and NBN 100/40 by providers, but this isn’t always the case, making it difficult for customers to understand what they’re paying for.

The ACCC is attempting to ascertain what the busiest time for upload speeds is as it updates its recommendations to providers on broadband speed claims.

While the ACCC believes that the busiest period for downloads is 7pm-11pm, and while this timing seems to be the same for uploads (based on existing data), it wants providers to test it for themselves to accurately estimate their average upload speeds. It’s possible that it’ll arrive much earlier in the day, given the frequency of working and studying from home.

What is the significance of internet upload speed?

Although upload speed is vital in online gaming, the ACCC believes it now plays a greater role for regular internet users than it did before since so many Australians have relocated to work or study from home.

A faster upload speed may aid with video calling (which is now a common occurrence for most Australians), as well as uploading and transmitting huge files over the internet, whether it’s a school project or work audio and video files.

Whether you’re unsure about your upload speed, contact your provider or look it up on their website. You may also do an NBN speed test to see how fast your download and upload speeds are.