The battery life of the Google Pixel Watch may be superior than that of the Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Images of the Pixel Watch’s design have been leaked over the last several weeks, and the most recent one shows us precisely how the gadget appears from every angle. Even though it has been shown in all its future glory, there is still a lot to learn about its inner workings. Another leak, this time focusing on the battery of the future smartphone, has helped to clarify a few things.

The smartwatch is expected to have a 300mAh battery, according to a source. Because the Pixel Watch is thicker at 14mm and heavier at 36g, it has a substantially bigger battery than Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4’s 247mAh battery, which is also significantly larger than that of the Watch4.

The Galaxy Watch4 can operate for 24 hours, so it’s fair to believe that the Pixel Watch will be able to run for the same amount of time, if not longer. Since the Pixel Watch and Wear OS are both Google products, there’s room for improvement in terms of integration.

According to the source, the Pixel Watch will include cellular connection, but it isn’t clear how that would be distributed across the three models.

Google’s I/O 2022 developer conference is only a few weeks away, and speculation is rife that the gadget will be unveiled during the event.