The cost of one of Microsoft Teams’ most expensive services is being reduced, which is wonderful

Starting September 1, 2022, Microsoft will offer new and improved Teams Rooms subscriptions at significantly reduced costs.

Business clients who have soundbars, monitors, and webcams that were designed to work with the video conferencing software can take advantage of the special Teams Rooms membership.

As it stands, users can either pay 15/mo. for the company’s Standard plan or 50/mo. for the Premium licence.

Schematics for Microsoft Teamwork Spaces

Teams Rooms Pro, which “delivers better in-room meeting experiences, like intelligent audio or video, multiscreen support, our full-set of device management tools,” will replace the Premium edition in September 2022.

Teams Rooms Pro “will be listed at an estimated retail price of USD40 per room per month” and is planned to be accessible to all customers who presently have access to Standard and Premium plans.

According to the press release, “it is the right licence for the Enterprise segment and for smaller enterprises with bigger room counts or more advanced needs.”

The current Standard plan is being phased out, but a new Basic membership is being introduced “at no additional expense.” Users with approved hardware can arrange and attend meetings, distribute and discuss documents, and run collaborative programmes.

All businesses get 25 free Basic licences per year, after which they must upgrade to the 40 per year Pro plan for additional users.

Users of the Standard and Premium plans can continue to use them until their subscriptions expire, but they will no longer be available for purchase or renewal after then. Since this is the case, Microsoft recommends that its users “convert [their] existing Teams Rooms clients to the new Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro SKU at their next anniversary, or as soon as practicable.”

Publicity for Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic and Teams Rooms Pro is scheduled to begin on September 5, after the products’ first release on September 1.