The creator of Surfshark exposes links to NordVPN and Tesonet

Surfshark, like many other privately held VPN companies, has been tight-lipped regarding its ownership and organizational structure. Surfshark CEO and creator Vytautas Kaziukonis stated to Versloinios (a Lithuanian business news site) that the firm was established in collaboration with Nord Security and NordVPN, under the umbrella company and business incubator Tesonet.

This new revelation raises some intriguing issues regarding the intricacies of Surfshark’s past and current ties to NordVPN, as well as why this was never previously disclosed. Tesonet’s website includes a dozen goods it has developed and invested in, including Nord Security’s services, but it makes no mention of Surfshark.

Surfshark was part of the Tesonet Group during the first two years of its activities, according to the CEO’s interview with the Lithuanian news site (and machine-translated in English). Tesonet assisted Surfshark with “things like employment and office leasing,” according to the company.

Vytautas Kaziukonis defined the present partnership between Surfshark and Tesonet as “close buddies” who exchange “market information and projections” in the interview. “Surfshark is a Lithuanian capital firm,” he said, “but we don’t want to reveal our stockholders just yet.”

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Surfshark had earlier announced a reorganization and move from the British Virgin Islands to the Netherlands, but this statement did not include Lithuania.

Tesonet also owns Oxylabs, a proxy service that specializes in large-scale public data collection, as well as Hostinger, a prominent online hosting company, and its subsidiary, Zyro, a website builder that competes with Wix. Tesonet has also been known to assist another VPN, ProtonVPN, in the past.

Although it is unknown how NordVPN and Surfshark collaborate today, Versloinios also disclosed that Surfshark will relocate to Cyber City, a new tech campus in Vilnius, Lithuania, where Tesonet and NordVPN have already announced plans to relocate.

In recent years, the VPN business has seen a lot of consolidation. In the industry’s greatest merger, Kape Technologies, which owns both CyberGhost and Private Internet Access, recently bought competitor ExpressVPN.

IPVanish and StrongVPN are two of J2Global’s VPN brands. Atlas VPN was also recently acquired by Nord Security. The relationships between NordVPN and Surfshark, on the other hand, were previously unknown and were obfuscated when questioned.

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Surfshark and NordVPN have been contacted for comment, and we will update this item if required.