The Europeans will sanction the Kremlin in consultation with Washington

Europeans and Americans will discuss the strategy against Russia on Monday in Brussels, and the EU will activate its global human rights sanctions regime against the Kremlin for the first time, according to several member states.

At the end of Moscow’s non-admission, the European foreign ministers will return the favor to their demand to release the opponent Alexe├» Navalny and the affront to their envoy Josep Borrell during his visit to Moscow in early February. A video conference will enable the new US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to join in their deliberations.

Moscow does not want to have a dialogue with the EU

The United States’ return to the Iranian nuclear deal, the response to the coup in Burma and China’s influence over Hong Kong will be discussed during the meeting. Europeans should sanction the violence in Burma, where police fired against protesters in Mandalay (center) on Saturday, killing two.

The fact that the US Secretary of State agreed to attend this meeting immediately after his confirmation is seen as an important “signal”, and an expression of President Joe Biden’s will to reconnect with Europeans, as suggested by Donald Trump “Enemies” were viewed by several European diplomats.

The difficult relationship with Vladimir Putin will be the focus of debates between the 27 and Anthony Blinken. “Moscow does not want a dialogue with the EU, only with some of its member states. We have to thwart this strategy and remain united,” said a European diplomat.