The ex-mayor of Marseille, Jean-Claude Gaudin, was looking

A search was carried out on Tuesday in the home of the former mayor of Marseille, Jean-Claude Gaudin (LR), as part of a judicial investigation into misappropriation of public funds.

“Mr Gaudin’s home was raided today,” said the national finance attorney.

“This judicial information concerns the situation of people who have continued their work and have passed the statutory retirement age,” according to a judicial source. It refers to facts from the time when Jean-Claude Gaudin ruled the second largest city in France.

The search “came as part of a judicial investigation launched on June 11, 2019 into those chiefly responsible for the misappropriation of and concealment of public funds by a person responsible for a public service mission,” the PNF said.

The regional accounting chamber had determined the management of Gaudin

In a report drawn up at the end of 2019, the regional Chamber of Accounts had laid down the administration of the city by Mr Gaudin, from finances to personnel and real estate. The Chamber was particularly surprised by the “management of retirement (…) at the lowest cost” for the city of Marseille, with several terms in the mayor’s office classified as “illegal”.

According to the judges of the regional accounting chamber, the city “knowingly” violated the statutory rules for retirement, causing taxpayers to lose more than one million euros per year.

The facts were revealed in the framework of the PNF’s preliminary investigation, which ended in December, into the management of the working hours of the Marseille municipal agents, for which Mr Gaudin could be referred to a criminal court, as well as six of his relatives.

That Tuesday, at the end of the afternoon, in front of the house of the family of the former mayor of the Mazargues district where he comes from, there was no white house with a very simple appearance with closed shutters.