The Explore tab on YouTube is getting a makeover (for better or worse)

While testing new features with a small number of individuals is common practise for Google’s other divisions, YouTube is no exception. It’s possible to access some of them through the “Try new features” area of the app settings, but many others are activated automatically by server-side changes. To make it simpler for you to discover new material, one of these trials on the mobile app has been implemented.

This week, YouTube began testing a new expanded menu that replaces the Explore chip that you see at the top of the home page within the Topic bar. To get to the material that’s most relevant to you, simply tap the menu button to open up the Trending and destination pages (Games, Music, News, etc.).

Since the “Explore” button now launches a new page with icons for destination pages at the top and Trending videos at the bottom, the “Trending” destinations page will be the only way to discover hot content of all kinds (aside from the Shorts page which has its own trending page, but we can discuss that in a different story).

There is no longer any overlap between the Explore and Trending sections as a result of this update.

According to YouTube, a limited fraction of iOS and Android users are testing out this new menu design. Anyone who wants a piece of this is likely to receive it at some time. There’s no indication yet on future rollout plans.

Aside from that, I’d want to see YouTube bring back the dislikes counter.