the “great Bravo” of the Minister of Ecology Barbara Pompili

The Minister for Ecological Change, Barbara Pompili, regards Vourles’ efforts to better regulate advertising and limit visual pollution as “exemplary”.

Voluntary Policy

Vourles has a proactive policy to limit the influence of billboards, avoid their proliferation and standardize their design.

The minister succeeded in doing this in particular by crossing the Sept Chemins sector, which is rich in businesses and shops.

She was accompanied by the Mayoress (various) Catherine Staron, Christophe Guilloteau, President (Les Républicains) of the Rhône department, Thomas Gassilloud, Deputy (La République en Marche) of the constituency and Bernard Fialaire, Senator (European Democratic and Social Assembly). .

Meeting in the town hall

Afterwards a meeting took place in the town hall, at which Barbara Pompili discovered all measures of the municipality to protect the environment.