the historic bloc affected by the Small Towns of Tomorrow plan

The Loire Forez agglomeration submitted a group application for the Small Towns of Tomorrow program. Saint-Bonnet-le-Château is one of the winners. This new program provides increased visibility for the areas as well as technical support and funding for specific thematic actions.

The state of deterioration of the historic core block between Place de Commandant-Marey, Grand-Rue and Rue des Fours Banaux is increasingly worrying for both public safety and the image of the medieval village.

The requalification of this historic island is one of the priorities of the new community

The new municipality reaffirms the requalification of this island among its priorities. Loire Forez Agglomeration Services are assisting the city in determining the operational steps that will lead to the work.

The plan is to support a development concession and to involve a social landlord in the project. At the same time, additional funds are being sought that are necessary to reduce the community’s share. As part of the new “Small Towns of Tomorrow” program, the municipality is determined to start and complete the operational phase in 2021 (purchasing goods, launching public contracts, submitting building permits, etc.). until the end of the term.

Mayor Patrick Ledieu is delighted with this new aid program: “The“ Small Towns of Tomorrow ”program replaces the centralities (Saint-Bonnet-le-Château is a centrality with shops and services for companies) such as the basis of the urban approach. It invigorates the network in small and medium-sized cities, a question of territorial cohesion. “”

Financial support so that you can take concrete action quickly

He adds, “What we want from this program is, quite simply, financial support so that we can quickly take concrete action on projects that have waited far too long and are measuring their impact on both quality of life and public safety I am thinking in particular of the historic heart block Grand-rue, Fours Banaux. “”

He continues, “We are perfectly positioned in one of the objectives of this program: accelerate housing transformation, maintain and develop businesses and services, encourage the practice of environmental measures, promote heritage and residents.” “