The imprisoned Russian opponent Navalny calls for mobilization

Alexei Navalny’s supporters are preparing this Sunday for another day of demonstration to demand the release of the detained opponent, despite mounting pressure from the Russian authorities, who have stepped up warnings and judicial proceedings.

The 44-year-old archenemy of the Kremlin was arrested on Sunday January 17 after his return to Russia. A court ordered his detention until February 15.

Lubyanka Square Gathering

In particular, Navalny supporters are said to be gathering in front of the headquarters of the Russian Security Service (FSB) in Lubyanka Square in central Moscow, where authorities, who consider these gatherings illegal, plan to restrict access to several streets and to seven close subway stations. The municipality also announced that restaurants and shops in the center of the capital will be closed on Sunday and the bus route will be changed.

They will take place against the backdrop of the appearance of Alexey Navalny before the judges, which is scheduled for next week. Since his return to Russia, the opponent has been the target of a large number of legal proceedings that he considers politically motivated.

In particular, according to his lawyer, the adversary is at risk of “about two and a half years” in prison for violating the terms of a suspended prison sentence of three and a half years imposed in 2014.

Most of his close allies, including his brother Oleg and rising opposition figure Lioubov Sobol, were placed under house arrest by the Russian judiciary on Friday, two days after a series of searches targeting his wife Julia’s home and his organization’s premises were taken. the anti-corruption fund.

Despite the pressure, Alexei Navalny once again urged the Russians to take to the streets. “Do not be afraid,” he wrote in a letter to his blog. “The majority are on our side. Let’s wake them up.”

Huge and opulent “palace” worth over a billion euros

The protests are also fueled by the dissemination of an investigation into the opponent who accused President Vladimir Putin of profiting from a huge and opulent “palace” valued at more than one billion euros on the shores of the Black Sea, which has over 100 on YouTube Has been seen a million times.

Vladimir Putin has denied allegations that Russians are “brainwashing” while Russian public television broadcast images showing the residence under construction, far from the luxury described by the opponent.

On Saturday, billionaire Arkadi Rotenberg, a relative of Putin, who was his former judo partner and is under Western sanctions, said he was the actual owner of the residence and assured him that he was building a hotel.