The Indian Space Program Bans Elon Musk’s Starlink

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  • Despite this, there will be no tech IPOs this week. We will, however, get reports from a few SaaS firms. As a result, our information flow on the Internet will be slower for the next several days.
  • India is upset with Starlink, requesting that the Elon Musk company get its legal documents in order.
  • It’s a given that the Raspberry Pi will go public. The nano-computer firm may debut on the London exchanges in Spring 2022.
  • On Black Friday, brick-and-mortar sales increased as compared to last year. Online sales dropped, however we can guess why.
  • The most recent acquisitions that caught our attention include Booking Holdings purchasing Etraveli Group for 1.8 billion, and Clearlake buying Quest from Francisco Partners.
  • Two new unicorns have emerged from the startup world this week, both of which are courtesy of Tiger Global: Slice has become a unicorn, while Thought Machine has achieved the same status through its six-figure funding round. Why not start the week off with two more unicorns? It’s not unusual.
  • Finally, this essay on blockchain.

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