The new ‘Feed’ option on Facebook shows postings from your friends and groups in reverse chronological order

As Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated today, Facebook’s main news feed is getting a makeover and a new “Feed” option will let users to browse postings from friends, groups, pages, and more in chronological order. No “Suggested For You” posts will appear in the Feed tab. The first tab you see when you enter Facebook will now be called “Home,” according to Zuckerberg. You’ll get tailored suggestions for Reels and Stories in the Home stream, much like on TikTok. Facebook’s iOS and Android apps will both have access to the two tabs.

According to Zuckerberg in an announcement post, “one of the most desired features for Facebook is to ensure that users don’t miss friends’ postings.” Now you can see postings from your friends, groups, Pages, and more in a new Feeds tab that’s live today. A customised feed on the Home page of the app will continue to recommend material that we believe you’ll be most interested in. Feeds, on the other hand, will allow you to fine-tune your experience.

Facebook notes that Home is a discovery engine for you to find new content and creators through algorithmic recommendations, whereas the Feeds tab provides an easy way to access content from the people and communities you’re already connected with on Facebook. Facebook notes the difference between these two feeds.

It’s important to remember that the Home page and the Feed tab may contain some adverts as well as content from your friends’ profiles, so keep that in mind.

You may now access your feed by clicking on the new Feed tab, which brings you back to Facebook’s most basic social networking experience. Nevertheless, Meta’s redesigned Home feed demonstrates its persistent ambition to pursue TikTok, which is its current greatest danger. It’s clear to understand where Meta’s interests lay given that the algorithmic Home feed is what users will see as soon as they open the Facebook app.