The new firm formed by McAfee Enterprise and FireEye has an odd name

After the October 2021 merger of antivirus behemoth McAfee Enterprise and cybersecurity specialists FireEye, parent firm Symphony Technology Group has announced that the two companies will unite to create Trellix.

Trellix will aim to deliver extended direction and response (XDR) solutions to organisations with a focus on accelerating technology innovation through machine learning and automation. Its name is strangely supposed to remind people of an actual trellis (an architectural structure designed mostly to support climbing plants).

“We are ecstatic to have Trellix in the STG portfolio,” William Chisholm, managing partner of STG, which acquired McAfee Enterprise in March 2021, stated. “Trellix’s living security platform will provide daring innovation throughout the XDR industry,” says the company.

Increasing the effectiveness of security

The new firm claims to be able to assist in the creation of “resilient and confident businesses via living security,” a security model that is meant to learn from and adapt to the most sophisticated threat actors.

“A robust security foundation is necessary to support sustained innovation, development, and resilience as today’s enterprises aspire to accomplish digital transformation,” stated Bryan Palma, CEO of Trellix. “With automation, machine learning, flexible architecture, and threat intelligence, Trellix’s XDR platform protects our clients while we bring security to life.”

Customers of Trellix will be able to “ingest” over 600 native and open security solutions, according to the business, giving them improved visibility, control, and a more complete threat context.

“The promise of XDR greatly enhances security efficacy, and vendors that can deliver on that promise will take market share,” said Frank Dickson, IDC’s programme vice president of Cybersecurity Products.

“However, integrating context and delivering results requires time and effort.” It’s a massive undertaking made achievable by the proper security partner. Trellix offers an exceptional multi-technology portfolio to meet the promise of XDR, with a combined product range spanning endpoint, network, messaging, data protection, and cloud services.”

The McAfee Enterprise Secure Service Edge (SSE) platform, which includes Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Secure Web Gateway (SWG), and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), will be launched as a new company later this quarter, according to the statement.