The next superhero film on Prime Video is quite different from The Boys and Invincible

Sylvester Stallone stars in Amazon Studios’ Samaritan, which premiered its debut trailer this week.

Rocky Balboa’s first teaser, which premiered on Prime Video on July 27, asks a simple question: what if Rocky Balboa, as played by Sylvester Stallone for over 50 years, had superpowers?

Intrigued? You ought to be. Rocky, Logan, Unbreakable, and Superman might all be found in the next superhero flick. Prior to the film’s August 26 release, Prime members should add it to their watch list.

Here’s the Samaritan movie trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Samaritan, based on the comic book series of the same name by Bragi F Schut, Marc Olivent, and Renzo Podesta, stars Sylvester Stallone as Mr. Smith, an old Granite City resident who lives next door to Sam Cleary (Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton from Euphoria and The Umbrella Academy). While on the walk home from school, Sam is attacked by a group of bullies. Smith intervenes and, to Sam’s and the attackers’ amazement, demonstrates superhuman skills.

Knowing who his rescuer is, Sam comes to the startling realisation that it is none other than Samaritan, a superhero long considered dead after a tremendous battle between him and his arch-nemesis Nemesis 25 years before. It’s been three decades since Smith faked his own death, and despite the rise of criminal activity, Smith refuses to take up the mantle of superhero again. So, it’s up to Sam to persuade Samaritan to come out of retirement so that they can save a city on the verge of total destruction.

Samaritan’s teaser video suggests that it will be quite different from prior Prime Video superhero offerings. Prime Video programmes The Boys and Invincible are two of Amazon’s most popular offerings, despite their R-ratings.

When compared to other similarly rated superhero movies, Samaritan seems to be on par with most of Marvel’s and most of Batman’s PG-13 (or a UK 12 classification). Unbreakable and Chronicle will likely be compared to Samaritan’s gritty, real-world style, while its locales and settings have the small-scale budget look and feel of early Rocky pictures. As a superhero picture, Samaritan seems to be drawing inspiration from Logan, but without the adult themes that made the X-Men film so popular.

Pilou Asbaek, Martin Starr, Dascha Polanco, and Sophia Tatum, stars in Samaritan alongside Game of Thrones veteran Pilou Asbaek and Spider-Man: No Way Home actor Martin Starr. Samaritan’s co-creator Schut has written the film’s screenplay, with Overlord and Son of a Gun director Julius Avery in charge of directing. Samaritan’s producers are Sly Stallone (Nobody, Hell or High Water) and Braden Aftergood (Nothing, Hell or High Water).