the plans of Mayor Marie-Christine Thivant for 2021

How is this beginning of the mandate going?

“With the health crisis, it was more difficult to find our grades and create cohesion, especially for the newly elected. Now it has fallen into place. There is a little more inertia for intermunicipal collaboration because interactions are reduced but mutual aid is strong. “”

How do you feel about the past year and how are you approaching 2021?

“Everything is very difficult, with hardship and a lack of freedom. There is a large relationship gap that leaves room for doubt, to an almost absurd situation in which we have very little visibility. We all make personal efforts, it’s hard. Fortunately, we can also retain positive elements: we have been able to adapt, have learned, and do not become discouraged. There is always creation, projects. 2021 will be another special year, it is difficult to make a forecast. In any case, we will not relax our efforts and we will stay in action. “”

Which flagship projects will the community mark this year?

“Despite the delay associated with the crisis, everything is going well. The town hall will be completed by the summer, the revitalization of the city by the end of 2021. We are also working on the media library project that will be unveiled later this year, as well as the nature and biodiversity component to encourage residents to recharge their batteries . I would also like to influence social relationships, which have been badly damaged by the crisis, with reflections on combating isolation and promoting solidarity. And of course we continue to expect to revive the culture and associative life as soon as possible. “”