The second beta of iOS 16 brings new features for Messages and backups

There have been several bug repairs and adjustments to the new features Apple revealed at WWDC in the developer betas of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura, and watchOS 9 this week (June 22).

When editing messages, the Messages app is taking into consideration previous software versions, even though Stage Manager in iPadOS 16 has seen certain enhancements, such as making it simpler to resize windows and hiding the dock.

In this case, you’ll get two messages: one of the original and one of the freshly revised version.

It’s possible to back up to iCloud using your cellular data plan, but since other users are awaiting the public beta release of iOS 16 (along with other platform versions), we believe the wait will not be much longer.

When may the public beta of iOS 16 be released?

There are normally two to three weeks between an Apple beta release and a major release such as iOS 15.6 (which opens in a new tab) or a major release like iOS 16.

It’s been two weeks since the first developer betas were released at WWDC. In the past, the public betas have shown up about the same time as beta 3. By then, developers who have been using previous iterations will have provided a wealth of input, which will have been included into the new software’s features.

For example, the public beta for WWDC 2021 was released three weeks ahead of schedule, on June 7, compared to Apple’s usual July release date. iOS 14’s public beta was released on July 8, roughly three weeks after the remote WWDC 2020.

We thus expect the public beta of iOS 16 and other upgrades the week of July 4 to come. This allows them to be published following the federal holiday break, allowing consumers to begin taking advantage of the new features as soon as possible.

In any case, these are merely early prototypes of what will be on most iPhones by the end of 2022. So if you decide to install the public betas when they come, be warned that you may face problems and other concerns.