The Senate votes on the text without extending the PMA

The right-majority Senate passed the bioethics law on Wednesday night, which was amputated due to its symbolic measure, the opening of the PMA to female couples and single women.

After two days of confused debates, the text was adopted by show of hands with the sole vote of the Senate majority.

The left and the majority of the RDPI groups En Marche and the radical majority of the RDSE voted against “a completely distorted text”, according to Thani Mohamed Soilihi (RDPI). “You will take over this text without us because this text is the result of chaos,” said PS rapporteur Bernard Jomier.

What happened in a year?

Without opening up to assisted reproduction, the text has also lost another of its “pillars”, the possibility for women to obtain their own eggs without medical reason. However, these provisions can be reintroduced by MEPs.

“What happened in a year?” Asked the chairman of the environmental senators Guillaume Gontard. In its first reading just a year ago, the Senate had actually voted the text with its flagship move to open assisted reproduction to couples of women and single women, but with no support from Social Security.

Election ambitions

Bernard Jomier pointed to “a radicalization of the positions” of the right, “which perhaps refers to other deadlines”. As a potential presidential candidate in 2022, the chairman of the senators, LR Bruno Retailleau, is firmly against the opening of the PMA.

State Secretary Adrien Taquet, responsible for children and families, who regretted “the outcome” of the debates, had also launched a “spike” on Tuesday evening that “aroused the electoral ambitions that proceed in disguise”.