The Verve Group is always looking for new and innovative methods to market to gamers

Advertising used to be a very simple process. Everybody used to watch television at some point in our past. You’d pay someone to create an advertisement for you. Ads on “Must See TV” would thereafter be paid for by another company. In contrast, those days are quickly becoming a bygone era.

Then there was CTV, or linked TV, and everything changed. Connected gadgets like Roku, AppleTV, and SmartTVs are being used by many people across the globe to watch television. What’s more, how can you know whether you’re reaching your target demographic with these services? That’s not a problem for the Verve band.

Verve just tested the MMO Trove using gamigo. In order to figure out the best areas to market, Verve added lapsed Trove members to its in-house advertising platform. Trove on gamigo observed a 34% decrease in CPM and a 12-fold increase in interaction as a result of this approach.

Merv Lee Kwai, chief gaming officer of gamigo group, stated, “The blueprint for game producers and marketers to access the ever-elusive gaming audience is finally available.” “With the correct omnichannel offering, it is feasible to capture customers’ interest even while they continue to play across several platforms. “We are delighted to provide such a significant advancement to the market.”

The future of advertising in video games

Gaming, in all its forms, continues to expand at an exponential rate. The Verve group feels it has achieved a huge breakthrough by bringing gamers and advertising together through CTV. A large number of gamers are cord-cutters, making it difficult for traditional advertising tactics to reach them. According to the Trove campaign results, they might be correct.

A co-CEO at Verve Group remarked that initiatives like these show why the company is so dedicated to completing smart acquisitions and then investing in developing linkages throughout its divisions that would allow cross-channel marketers interact with customers in a meaningful but privacy-first approach. ” As cross-play games become more popular, our solution offers a scalable means for buyers to reach these premium, highly sought after audiences. To compete in today’s competitive and fragmented market, gaming firms must have the capacity to re-engage gamers across platforms. This gives them a chance to connect with their customers in a timely and relevant way. Clients should anticipate a slew of new connections in the coming months that will help them grow and keep their audiences across various devices.

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