There are many features in the PS5 dev kit that are not present in the finished console

A YouTuber has provided the first detailed look at the PlayStation 5 development kit, revealing a number of hardware features missing from the consumer version of the console.

Only approved studios will be able to use the dev kits, which will aid in the development of PS5 games. Macho Nacho Productions on YouTube, however, has managed to get their hands on one of the gadgets and has posted a detailed review of its construction and functions.

It looks very different from the standard PS5, and it has many more inputs and outputs. The hardware in the YouTuber’s video, however, has not been activated, so it cannot launch the kit’s additional software.

A Quick Peek

The V-shaped device has a built-in LCD screen on the front panel, two powerful exhaust ports on opposite sides, and grooves that allow for stacking of multiple kits.

It also has a number of additional ports. On the front of the device, you’ll find a USB-C port, a USB-2.0 port, four USB 3.0 inputs, and a USB port. At the opposite end, you’ll find two ethernet ports, an HDMI input, and a seventh USB 3.0 port.

In addition, the machine’s inner workings have been modified. Nearly 2.5TB of memory is built in, which is significantly more than the 825GB SSD found in retail PS5 consoles. It lacks a disc drive, unlike the standard home console.

All of the supplementary hardware features are designed with development in mind. Developers could plug in a plethora of test peripherals to the machine’s many USB ports, and the device’s large storage space would accommodate uncompressed versions of massive game files.

Macho Nacho thinks that maybe one of the ethernet cables is a faster port, which would be helpful for transferring the massive files needed for game development. Conversely, the built-in display shows a variety of back-end metrics that are likely to be completely foreign to the player. It’s not shocking that there isn’t a disc drive. After all, it’s intended for use in making games, not playing them.

The origin of Macho Nacho’s development kit is unknown. Sony is careful to restrict distribution of these to only officially licenced publishers and developers, preventing them from reaching the general public. After only a few hours on eBay, a PS5 developer kit was pulled last year, as reported by Kotaku (link opens in new tab). However, it’s possible that things will change drastically in the future, as a new PS5 model has been speculated.