There is no cure for technology reliance, according to Samsung

Every day, you may have times when you don’t really like who you are.

When you realise that technology has become a part of your life, it may be difficult to deal with.

You don’t have as much control over it as you think you have.

Phones may be the source of the worst emotions. Despite your best efforts, you are unable to put them down. Putting them down is difficult, and even if you do, you’ll pick them up again after a few minutes. Alternatively, it might be measured in seconds.

Samsung feels your pain and sympathises with you. Empathy galore!

So much so that a solution is being offered in a new commercial created in partnership with Google.

The commercial depicts a sliver of everyone’s day-to-day existence. Almost everyone, that is. You and your loved ones are gathered around a table. Despite the fact that you know you’d prefer to talk, your phone is always a little more attractive than the other option.

As a result, we’ve arrived to a gathering for supper. This isn’t just any dinner gathering, this is something special. Here we are at Addison Rae’s dinner party! She’s a household name. She got popular on TikTok by dancing with her mother, who was also a TikTok star.

She has a large circle of friends, which is unusual for a well-known individual. But they’re just like the rest of us, texting, posting on social media, and not putting their phones on mute during dinner..

Even though she’s getting paid to appear in this commercial, Rae can see that this is an issue.

She’s aware that she needs to get the attention of her buddies. This should be a piece of cake, right? Wrong. After all, she’s a celebrity.

The only way she can break through the delight of typing on a phone keyboard is to, uh, use more technology.

She cleverly demonstrates Google’s Hum To Search feature by humming a tune into her Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

She’s still ignored by her pals. Using more technology is the only option she has left. She presses a few buttons and transmits the music to her Samsung TV, which plays it loudly in the living room.

The odds are overwhelmingly in favour of this becoming a success. The Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody” is playing in the video below. Who could say no? Nobody. It works every time.

She jumps up and starts dancing, but no one notices her. What a savage mob you have there. For all we know, they may be an entirely different set of people than she thought. Perhaps they’re only actors who were hired to portray her pals.

It quickly becomes apparent that they are not actors. As her buddies, these dancers eventually get up from their nice Samsung phones and dance to the music being played on her beautiful Samsung TV. They’ve been cast as dancers.

There is no denying that we could use a little more technology. Yes, of course. There’s no way to turn on the lights while dancing over to a light switch, yet a “friend’s” Galaxy Watch 4 does just that.

It’s really uplifting to watch people get together to sing a song.

Then then, Rae is still clutching her phone in her hand while she dances.

As a species, we’re reaching the end of our tether.

“Make It Epic,” as Samsung puts it.