“There is no hidden inventory of vaccines,” says Jean Castex

6:24 am: The South African variant is 1.5 times more contagious

The new variant of the coronavirus, identified in South Africa in October and now prevalent in the African country hardest hit by the pandemic, is not more deadly, but 1.5 times more contagious, a group of experts said on Monday. South African experts.

6:20 a.m.: Germany is preparing for further restrictions

Compulsory wearing of medical masks, strong admonition to telework: Germany is preparing on Tuesday to tighten the restrictions associated with the Covid-19 epidemic in view of the fear of the spread of new, more contagious variants. Among the arbitration proceedings between regions and the state in sight: traffic restrictions, while no nationwide curfew has yet been imposed.

6:10 a.m.: Lack of vaccines in France?

Applications for vaccination appointments for people over 75 years old opened on Friday were marked by an influx, and more than a million appointments were made that same evening. But not all seniors were able to register.

“We will set the overdrive,” said Jean Castex on Monday evening in France 5 and announced 430,000 additional injections for the next two weeks in nursing homes, in which so far just over 100,000 residents and carers have been vaccinated.

There is no hidden inventory

“However, there are no hidden stocks,” added the Prime Minister, stating that, according to the figures adopted on Monday evening, France has received 1.6 million cans, of which 479,873 are already in use.

“Whenever doses arrive, we make them available immediately, we open meeting places for the French. We are in a tense flow, it is our strategy, it is the strategy of all countries that vaccinate”, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran assured earlier on On the edge of a visit to Grenoble University Hospital.

However, some locally elected officials are very critical. “Let the government tell the truth! Don’t start with the same story as masks or tests,” urged Lille socialist mayoress Martine Aubry, warning of a “shortage of vaccines”.

6:07 am: On the way to extend the closure of the ski lifts

The government plans to extend the closure of ski lifts in ski areas due to the still too fragile health situation. Affected professionals are given specific help.

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6:05 am: On the way to setting up a vaccination certificate?

If some countries like Greece are in favor of the establishment of a vaccination pass, France is currently “reluctant” to accept this idea. Read our article here.

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