“There is something for the region to do”

Olivier Guillemin, how did you get to La République en Marche?

“Until 2016, I had neither militant nor political involvement in the past. Then Emmanuel Macron founded La République en Marche (LREM) and his speech interested me. It was different from the traditional left and right gap, which hadn’t led too much. I set up a local committee for the North Jura for the 2017 presidential and parliamentary elections and was able to meet Philippe Antoine, who was our department head and wanted us to work together in the Jura. “”

How are the roles distributed with Philippe Antoine?

“He is the departmental advisor for the entire republic who wants to bring together a network of elected representatives in the Jura, and I’m taking over from him as LREM departmental advisor. We wanted that and it was confirmed by the national board. “

What are your priorities for this two-year term?

“We need to take stock of our support base: in 2017 we were between 850 and 900, but even if around fifty people came to us in 2020, those numbers are no longer up-to-date. It’s a complicated task because memberships are free with us and ours Operation is very digital. We also need to reorganize the local committees by rethinking the map of their establishment. The aim is to create a militant dynamic throughout the territory, but again it is complex because our bases are not like in other parties are ideological. “

What about the regional and departmental elections next June?

“For the department, the strategy will be defined by Philippe Antoine, but given the context, there will clearly be a bonus for graduates. The goal will be to try to increase our core of elected officials (currently 5) and not be in sterile opposition. There is something for the region to do and it will very much depend on whether we are at the top of the list. That is where things should move next week. “

An outgoing President of the Republic has never been re-elected for 20 years. Can Emmanuel Macron reverse the trend in 2022?

“There are various oppositions with people who shout very loudly and a real hatred of macronism that has developed among some of our fellow citizens. But there is also a silent majority who are well aware that despite a few problems, things are handled pretty well. But who would have done better? That’s why I think Emmanuel Macron will be re-elected. “”