They call for a fairer and more sustainable agriculture

Solidarity Peoples, Attac, Confederation of Paysanne, Les Amis de la Conf, Terre de Liens, CIVAM (Serpolet), Jura Nature Environnement, Christians in the Rural World, MRJC Jura… They all met this Thursday 11 February at Julien Denormandy, the Minister for Agriculture and Food.

“The common agricultural policy with 9 billion euros for French agriculture structures our agricultural and food system,” explain the activists. Currently, however, it is pushing for industrialization for the benefit of the greatest, with many harmful effects on society. “

Bring the areas to life

They quote: “Decrease in the number of farmers, increase in pesticides, destruction of biodiversity, animal malaise, loss of product quality, harmful export policies towards farmers in the south … The minister must take into account the legitimate expectations of farmers and citizens and this We want public money to support fair and sustainable agriculture. We do not want agriculture that impoverishes farmers, pollutes, empties the land, focuses on exports, endangers public health, animal husbandry and ignoring the diseases that lead them to other places on the planet We want agriculture that creates value for farmers, respects the environment, gives life to territories, relies on food sovereignty, produces healthy food that is accessible to all , one farm restores and the other Agriculture is driving the world up. “”

They went to Danielle Brulebois’ consistency, then to the prefecture.