Thil. A photovoltaic field on 5 hectares of project: you can invest

The photovoltaic field project was presented to the elected officials with the signing of an agreement with Luxel, a company that specializes in ground-based solar energy for the installation of this future electrical equipment by 2025.

“On 5 hectares of common land near the Thil ponds, the feasibility study will be carried out for a year to validate the environmental approaches.

This includes the analysis of the impact on the fauna and flora of the project. The study and administrative procedures last 3 years. If the project comes off, the photovoltaic field could be operational from 2025, ”announced Mayor Valérie Pommaz. This also specifies that crowdfunding will be set up for those who want to invest.

This first phase does not cost the municipality anything other than the advance payment of the cost of changing the PLU, an amount which is then reimbursed.

A 30-year lease, which can be extended by paying a rent for temporary use from 30 to 45 years, is announced.

“The people in Thile can, if they want, invest in this project through crowdfunding”,

Valérie Pommaz, Mayor of Thil


Project key figures

Surface: 5 hectares of land, 5 MWp installed capacity. Investment and profitability: 4 million euros invested, of which 15 to 30% in local economic development, 400,000 € / year, turnover 3,000 € / ha / year in rents for owners, 25,400 € / year in taxes for local communities. CO2 footprint: 1,500 tons of CO2 / year avoided, production and site balancing in 2 to 3 years, site maintained, fenced and secured for 20 renewable years.

(Source: Luxel Company).