two ministers in Vaise to promote integration through sport

“Where did you start to get to where you are?” “The question represents everything that the two ministers responsible for sport Roxana Maracineau and Nadia Hai, responsible for the city, demonstrated in Vaise (9th) in the premises of the Lyon club” Sport dans la Ville “. After Roxana Maracineau and Nadia Hai had participated in the sports activities organized for forty children from the Priority Quarters of City Policy (QPV) of Lyon, they faced some young people, accompanied by the association’s rejection of the job “Job in the City”. Mostly young adults who have gone through the Vaise, Duchère or Mermoz stages.

“Sport can be an instrument for integration and inclusion,” confirms Roxana Maracineanu. Only access to devices is a problem in our communities. For every 100 inhabitants there are far fewer licensees in QPV than elsewhere. Congratulations that thanks to sponsorship you can involve companies so that young people can thrive and emancipate themselves thanks to sport. “”

Similar beginnings

You yourself come from the neighborhood to remind you that the two ministers in Mulhouse, on the one hand, and Trappes, on the other, discussed their career paths and especially those of the young people who faced them.

Like 22-year-old Hamza, he joined the sport in his La Duchère district when he was 10. “I have participated in so many actions that I can no longer count,” smiles the young man, proud to announce to the ministers that “Job in the city” helped him get a work study program thanks to a video showing the excitement on LinkedIn ”.

Nadia Hai welcomes the inspiring success of the Lyon association looking to open new centers, including a campus in Seine-Saint-Denis based on the one in Vaise, which she visits for the first time, the spirit of risk taking and entrepreneurship “what his commitment underscores “that everyone has the chance to be successful and to choose their professional future”.

And to ask the young people: “When you came to Sport dans la Ville, did you suspect that a club could support you in your professional activity?” No, “the witnesses of the day answer unanimously.” The club has taught me the values ​​of respect, humility and a taste for challenges, which enabled me to go through to the end of my studies, “says 25-year-old Souley, who also joined the structure through sport.

“Sport is an extraordinary tool to enable young people to believe in themselves and in their future. Like them, we understood that a fate was open to us. We are happy that they understood this through sport, ”concludes Roxana Maracineanu.