United States. Joe Biden removed Trump’s ‘Coca-Cola Button’ from the Oval Office

When new President Joe Biden arrived at the White House on Wednesday, he took many important steps early in his term. Like the United States’ return to the Paris Agreement. But not only: Joe Biden prints his style.

The 46th American President actually removed the “Coca Light Button”, which was installed at the request of his predecessor Donald Trump, from the Oval Office. It was Times Radio’s American journalist Tom Newton Dunn who was having fun on Twitter.

He had noticed the existence of this button during a meeting with Donald Trump in the same office. “When Shippers Unbound and I interviewed Donald Trump in 2019, we were intrigued by the usefulness of this little red button. Trump had pressed it and a butler went into the office with a Coke on a silver platter. “”

According to the New York Times, Donald Trump drank a dozen light Coca-Cola every day.

According to RTL, this button, which was originally installed for emergencies, has already been kidnapped in the past: Billionaire Richard Branson reveals in his autobiography that Barrack Obama would have used it to ask his guests for tea.

A healthy decoration?

The change is certainly anecdotal, but it marks Joe Biden’s desire to break Donald Trump’s political or other style. As the 20-minute correspondent in the United States notes, the Democratic president also reintroduced the decoration of the Bill Clinton administration, with the blue carpet marked with the nation’s seal.

The portrait of President Andrew Jackson (1829-1837), a supporter of slavery, used by Donald Trump has also been replaced by that of Benjamin Franklin, defender of the abolition of slavery, reports the Belgian daily Le Soir.

A bust of President Abraham Lincoln, who abolished slavery in 1865, was also installed in the Oval Office. Joe Biden prints his style.