United States. Mittens, skirt and giant Bible … the unusual moments of Joe Biden’s investiture

Joe Biden became the 46th President of the United States on Wednesday, calling for “unity” in a country that, at the end of Donald Trump’s mandate, was riddled with deep crises that will have torn Americans apart and shaken the world. And if the ceremony went smoothly, some moments will be more memorable than others and will make you smile.

Mittens for Bernie Sanders

Among the few guests at Joe Biden’s housewarming ceremony that requires coronavirus, we found his ex-Democratic elementary rival, Bernie Sanders. The “socialist” senator was distinguished by his rustic winter outfit, which made social networks immediately happy.

Photo Jonathan ERNST / AFP

With his khaki Canadian and patterned knitted gloves and a pouch under his arm, this “Vermont grandfather” had a trapper look that was in stark contrast to the very formal ones of the other guests. And was automatically redirected to memes, humorous images. “Bernie was nominated just because he was on his way to get his prescription from the pharmacy,” joked one Internet user.

His wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, confided that the down jacket was a Christmas present from their son: “Vermont down jacket, Vermont mittens, Vermont common sense!” She praised.

Bernie Sanders also told a CBS reporter about her clothes: “In Vermont, you dress warmly. We know a lot about the cold and don’t really care about fashion.”


After all the guests were seated and well packed, Lady Gaga sang the American national anthem and waved a sparkling gold microphone, a performance that moved America. The pop star also stunned the gallery with her loose, puffy red skirt, signed Schiaparelli, “perfect” for social distancing according to some. A barrier shock?

A Bible in XXL size

For his swearing in, Joe Biden decided to put his left hand on his 19th century family Bible, an extensive spellbook with pages that have yellowed with the time that internet users are in love with.

Photo Olivier DOULIERY / AFP

Photographed from certain angles, the book appears excessive in size. “Look at the size of this Bible,” laughed one viewer. “Is that police 72?” Another laughed.

Photo Patrick SEMANSKY / AFP

Joe Biden once invested President, the crowd that gathered on the Capitol steps saw a very solemn rendition of “Amazing Grace” by the country’s American star, Garth Brooks, who turned to a row of rocks.

After his performance, the artist, usually familiar with conservative audiences and perhaps forgetting the pandemic for a moment, put on his cowboy hat, sprinted through the hilarious crowd without a mask before jumping into the arms of former Republican President George W. Bush .