United States. Trump ensures that he is not removed from office and calls for calm

“The 25th amendment does not pose a risk to me,” said Trump, of Alamo, Texas, referring to the Democrats’ request that Vice President Mike Pence declare him inoperative.

“The time to appease has come”

“The time of appeasement has come for our country, the time of peace and tranquility,” added the American president in a speech that differs in tone from the very aggressive one delivered to his supporters on January 6, shortly before the attack on the Capitol.

Donald Trump, more isolated than ever in his own camp, could be the first American president to be impeached twice in Congress (“indicted”).
The House will examine the charges on Wednesday and is expected to vote on the same day.

A “totally ridiculous” impeachment process

When he left Washington Tuesday morning, he denounced this Democratic trial, found it “completely ridiculous” and confirmed that it aroused “immense anger” in the United States.

In the turmoil eight days after the end of his term in office, he refused to accept responsibility for the attack on Capitol Hill and considered his speech “entirely appropriate”.

He met his Vice President Mike Pence Monday night, who appears to have decided to team up with him against the Democrats for the time being, and declined calls to fire him.

“I kept my promises”

In Texas, Donald Trump extensively praised the wall built on the border with Mexico on Tuesday. “I kept my promises,” he hammered, referring to a 725-kilometer wall.

However, we are far, very far from the “big, great” wall that Donald Trump promised in the 2016 campaign.

Of this, only about twenty kilometers correspond to the construction of a wall that previously had no physical barrier. The rest corresponds to improvements and / or reinforcements of existing barriers.

And Mexico never paid for the wall as the real estate mogul had promised.