United States. Twitter permanently blocks Donald Trump’s account

The noose is tightening after Donald Trump, who is being ousted from the social networks one after another: Twitter, his most important means of communication, has his account permanently banned for many hours on Friday, two days after the riots of his supporters, who meanwhile invaded the Capitol .

“After carefully examining the latest @ realDonaldTrump tweets and the current context – including their interpretation (…) – we have suspended the account indefinitely due to the risk of further incitement to violence,” said the outgoing US president the company in a statement.

On Thursday, Facebook and other services like Snapchat or Twitch suspended the White House tenant’s profile indefinitely.

With more than 88 million subscribers, Twitter is Donald Trump’s preferred platform for making political announcements, railing against the media or insulting his opponents.

“We are not being silenced,” the person protested through the official POTUS (President of the United States) account for the attention of the “75 million patriots” who voted for him.

He spoke of retribution

He spoke of retaliation against the network that “banned freedom of expression” and the possible launch of its own platform in the near future through a series of messages that Twitter immediately withdrew.

“Using another account to avoid being banned is against our rules,” said a company spokesman who will also take steps to mimic the use of government accounts like @POTUS and @WhiteHouse.

The tweet network had already escalated the retaliatory measures on Wednesday and suppressed several messages from the head of state instead of simply masking them with warnings.

The Republican has not stopped questioning the validity of the presidential election and encouraging his fans to intervene, thereby breaking the rules of the main platforms for respecting democratic processes.