Villars. A 11.6 hectare city park around the sports complex

“Bring nature into the city in a sustainable development process. This is the strong argument of Hubert Porte, assistant to urban planning, to present the city park project that has just been put on the rails at a meeting of the city council on Monday.

The city has already carried out a green grid study with the urban planning agency Epures, going from La Sapinière to the Parc Jean-Marc via the sports complex, the public garden, the Beaunier area and the hippodrome.

First concrete step with the development (unanimously confirmed) of a city park around the sports complex on an area of ​​11.6 hectares (3.6 hectares of which for the Bois de la Sapinière).

In consultation with the Villardaires

The project should allow a network between the various neighboring facilities such as the museum, the dojo, the social center, the residence, the children’s home with possible connections in soft mode (pedestrians, bicycles) and the entrances to this city park that must be legible and marked. To this end, the Council authorized the start of a consultation on the selection of a project manager.

“It’s a showcase project and we’re sharing it. But why not call in a programmer? What are your estimates for budgeting work? Are the elected opposition officials included in the steering committee? “Interviewed Nicolas Peyrard for the opposition in an outbreak.

“We don’t need a programmer because we have already made decisions that were included in our campaign program, ideas from participatory workshops,” replied Mayor Jordan Da Silva. The budget was drawn up by the municipal services. It is a temporary envelope that can develop.

The Mayor also put forward “a preliminary consultation with users” and his intention “to organize a public meeting with all Villardaires. “”

“It looks like a Christmas present list. Can all of these fit into the advertised budget? »Relaunch of Nicolas Peyrard. “Yes, with selected performance levels. It is a reflection of the commitments we have made, ”concluded the mayor.