“We make sure to be constructive”

In the last week of January, the elected members of the minority list in the Charlieu parish council, led by Alain Valentin, will distribute their newsletter to the Charliendins, mixing wishes for 2021, results and perspectives. “We wish everyone a Happy New Year, even if it starts badly. We think of people in pain, both health and psychological. We are concerned about this economic context that affects the lives of our fellow citizens, ”explains Alain Valentin.

“We have a different vision than that of the majority”

“Managing a church means having a vision for the future. That of the majority team is not ours. Our team is guided by three pillars. Democracy, because we cannot decide anything without our fellow citizens, we have to build with them. Solidarity because nobody is immune and in this context we have to defend public services. Ecology, because the upheaval in the world has its origins in the climatic upheavals that will affect our societies and is reflected locally in the problem of water resources, the rise in energy costs.

We are four of 27 elected representatives of the minority, therefore an incentive within the municipal team. We hold on to our values, we remember our priorities, our vision of the world during the councils, ”he continues.

Only a few options for changing files that are already bound

“We give our opinion without wanting to offer systematic resistance. We sit on the committees and make sure we’re constructive. At the community level, people know us and we invite them to contact us, ”explains Michèle Grimaldi.

“With regard to the projects of the election campaign, the existing team presents us with studies that are already linked to marginal changes,” explains Alain Valentin. In their letter, therefore, the elected representatives of the minority return to some issues: the congress area (the importance of the investment, the oversizing, the location), the necessary security work in rue Cacherat, the delegations granted to the mayor, the defense of the public services and especially La Poste, the water and sanitation budget.

“We are committed to citizen participation in a spirit of solidarity. We advocate openness to projects because choosing doesn’t mean penetrating science. We bring our ideas and some follow their hearts ”, Alain Valentin concludes.

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