What are the “Swipe Actions” in Google Messages and how can you tailor them to your needs?

Since Google is always trying out new things, it’s no surprise that the swiping functionality found in Gmail has been incorporated into Google Messages during the app’s testing phase.

The swiping feature, which has been around for some time and allows users to instantly sort incoming messages into different folders, was recently added to the beta version of Google Messages. Swiping is a breeze because it works in tandem with Gmail’s feature. Similar to Gmail, Google Messages lets you customise what happens when you swipe right or left on a conversation. However, this is only the beginning. After swiping in either direction, it’s entirely up to you what happens next.

That’s right, you spotted a typo. Like in Gmail, you get to choose what happens when you swipe. Sadly, Google Messages only gives you two options right now: archive or delete. Both procedures are actually quite simple. Furthermore, they will immediately take the action of hiding the thread, whether temporarily or permanently. Simply put, the new swipe action allows the user to change what happens when they swipe right or left. Google Messages users now have the options to “Archive,” “Delete,” and “Off.” Therefore, your messages will be deleted on a right swipe if you have it set to delete them, and they will be archived if you have it set to archive them. Similarly, there are no options to swipe left on. In addition, you can turn it off entirely if you decide you really don’t like it.

Modifying Google Messages swipe gestures

Now let’s take a look at how to change the swipe actions in Google Messages to your liking:

In the first place, launch Google Messages on your Android device.

Two, tap the profile picture in the upper right corner of your mobile device.

Third, access the Messages Settings by selecting that option.

Fourth, after accessing the messages settings, scroll down until you see the swipe actions option.

To get started with swipe actions, go to Step 5. Clicking this link will take you to a page with swipe right and swipe left options. You can choose the action that you want by clicking the customise button that appears above those.