What you need to know about Meet, which Google Duo is about to become

Finally, the merger between Google Duo and Meet is taking place, with the first Android users seeing these improvements.

As a result, Google has opted to merge its two video calling services into a single offering, which it claims would benefit a wider range of consumers.

Confusion has already arisen due to a mix-up in the first merger of the several apps’ names and functionality. To better understand the new Google Duo and Meet collaboration, read on.

What’s going on with Google Duo and Meet these days?

Google Duo, which was launched in 2016, will soon be renamed Google Meet as the firm aims to merge its consumer and business capabilities into an one platform.

For the last several weeks, Google Duo app users have received a notice stating that the service would soon be renamed Meet, “with a new name and icon, and additional capabilities like backdrop effects.”

Google argues that other from the name change, the two services already have a lot of identical functionality, so there should be no disturbance for consumers. When it comes to features like in-meeting chat, virtual backdrops and visual effects, as well as the ability to initiate a conversation with up to 100 participants, Google Duo users will now have access.

The new Meet branding is now official with the most recent Google Duo Android version.

Until the app is opened, the traditional Google Duo blue icon stays. Their first experience with Meet begins when they accept the “Duo has been upgraded to Meet” notice prompt in the app’s settings.

Apple’s mobile operating system and tablet computer Users of Google Duo aren’t yet witnessing the changeover to Meet, but Google has indicated it plans to do so by the end of September, which is when the switchover will take place.

However, Google has said that the Google Duo web app would be redirected to the Google Meet website within a few weeks.

As a result, for those who have already upgraded, we now have two Google Meet (formerly Duo) applications on our devices, which the company hopes to fix shortly.

Do you know how?

Until the app is removed from the Play Store and iOS App Store, users may still download and install the Google Duo app as they normally would.

The new version of Meet may be used by anybody with a Google account, but only those with a phone number will be allowed to participate in meetings.

Messages, contacts, and conversation history will all be kept in the Duo app, and there will be no additional app or fees to pay.

It’s also reassuring to Google Duo customers that, “The video calling feature is still accessible in the revised Duo app for mobile devices at no additional charge. Messages, contacts, and conversation logs are all preserved.”