Windows 11 Pro’s next upgrade will need you to be connected to the internet

Since Windows 11 launched six months ago, Microsoft has kept the offline option for Windows 11 Pro since it is the version of the operating system most often used by IT professionals – but those days are coming to an end.

Windows 11 Pro now necessitates an internet connection throughout the first setup process, according to the newest edition of the Windows 11 Preview. However, Microsoft has said that “you may anticipate Microsoft Account to be needed” in the future.

It’s unclear when this update will be made available to Windows 11 users in the wild, but it’s most likely going to happen this year. It, if you have a device and wish to install Windows 11 totally offline, you should do so as soon as possible.

Isn’t the internet available to everyone? What’s the big deal?

Many of the daily services we depend on are now available online, so it’s reasonable to question how this could affect us. There are some people who do not have access to the internet.

The lack of dependable internet in certain regions of the globe and for IT professionals who want to have complete control over the devices they deploy to their userbases might be badly impacted by this.

To make matters worse, Microsoft is moving the necessity for an internet connection to Windows 11 Pro, which makes the operating system less appealing for customers in any of these circumstances.

The move will allow Microsoft to have access to additional data, which is a good thing. However, it comes at the expense of many people’s convenience. Those without access to strong or dependable internet connections will also be trapped with Windows 10 devices.

Windows 11 Pro is the operating system I use on my test bench in the lab since it can be installed without the need for an internet connection and does not need a long sign-in procedure. A lot of lost time for me as a hardware reviewer, but I’ll have an earlier installation disc sitting around and upgrade the system after the fact. Hope that helps for a little time.