Witcher Season 2 Trailer Offers a Glimpse of an Unnamed Monster

The second season of The Witcher has been announced, and it promises to be every bit as thrilling as the first. Henry Cavill once again takes on a formidable beast – but this time, it’s nothing like what you’ve seen on the show before.

“Meet. The. Myriapod.” says @witchernetflix, releasing a brief 18-second teaser that depicts Cavill – well, Geralt – facing off against a towering skeleton centipede creature with an exposed rub cage and what appears to be a ram’s skull on its head.

The Myriapod, which appears to raise the ante for Geralt – shown using the Quen sign to block the creature’s attacks – is part Pan’s Labyrinth, part enormous insect.

New monsters await. Are you ready? ⚔️Meet. The. Myriapod. #TheWitcher Season 2. December 17. pic.twitter.com/vgpbjGxIpLNovember 25, 2021

The above video is quite short, but there are some intriguing nuggets within. Geralt’s sword appears to be glowing red, suggesting the use of a magical enhancement – and some Twitter users have started speculating that we’ll see the Runewright (from Witcher 3’s Hearts of Stone) or a comparable character in The Witcher 4.

A hint of what’s yet to come

The Witcher season 2’s official trailer debuted in late October, filled with the sort of fantasy-horror action we loved in the first season. But, until The Witcher series returns on December 17 – which has been delayed for almost a year – we’ll have to make do with whatever scraps and teases come our way to keep us interested.

Given Netflix’s live-action Cowboy Bebop adaptation received a lukewarm reception, we’re eager to see Netflix regain its reputation – despite the streaming service’s tremendous success in South Korea, where it produces shows like Squid Game and Hellbound.

Following the conclusion of The Witcher’s first season, Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) will be charged with watching over Princess Ciri (Freya Allen). The title character delivers Ciri to his boyhood home at Kaer Morhen, but it looks like they won’t be as secure there as he believes.

He must also protect Ciri from the world’s many monsters and other foes, not to mention the mysterious energy that she possesses.