With 66% off a five-year Control D plan, you can increase your productivity and internet security

It can be challenging to find your way around the internet while also making sure that you and your data are safe while still being able to enjoy all your favourite material. Fortunately, there is a simple way to regain control of your digital life with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. In reality, they can both benefit from Control D’s optimizations. A five-year subscription is presently available to new users for just 39.99.

Using Control D improves your browsing experience by increasing your safety and speed. Productivity can also be increased by preventing distractions at inconvenient times. Utilizing Command Prompt, one can establish and stick to a timetable for work. Control D provides parental controls that safeguard children while they are online.

There are over 300 services that can be blocked, and you have your choose from among 10,000 individual regulations. Control D includes numerous common third-party blocklists in addition to its own 15 native blocklist filters. Also, there are no software downloads or installations required to get started with any of this. The platform is accessible from any web-enabled device, and help is readily available in the admin dashboard.

With this subscription, you may protect up to 10 devices individually using custom security policies. Make separate profiles for each member of the family to use on the same account. It’s not hard to see why Control D gets a perfect score of five stars on Product Hunt.

Everything in the Full Control Plan is included, with the exception of proxy usage, which is available for purchase separately and can be used for any form of unblocking or location spoofing. This will ensure your safety and privacy while using the internet for the next five years, whether you’re working, learning, shopping, or playing.

Get started protecting your loved ones, preventing advertisements, saving time, and improving your productivity online. A five-year subscription to Control D is currently offered to new users for just 39.99, a discount of 66% from the regular subscription price of 120.