With a new firmware update, Apple resolves a significant problem with the Studio Display

A patch for Studio Display speakers has been issued by Apple, and it should resolve any difficulties you’ve been experiencing.

An problem with the external display’s microphone and speakers has been reported by a number of Studio Display users earlier this week. Mic recording problems plagued some users; others said their speakers were utterly malfunctioning:

My Studio Display’s speakers have been damaged for about a month or so now, Tsai stated in an email. For a brief period of time, “It works well when I start playing music or other sounds.”

Tsai stated, “My Studio Display’s speakers have been damaged for over a month now.” It works for a few seconds before cutting out every time I start playing music (or any other audio).”

Even though Apple advised customers to remove their display and unhook all of their peripherals for ten seconds before reconnecting them, the company has since published an update to fix the problem.

Fixes for the audio problem have been released by Apple

Updates for the Studio Display were published today to fix the audio problem. According to the release notes (opens in a new tab), Studio Display Firmware Update 15.5 (19F80) solves the problem above:

Users will need to connect their Mac to the display in order to be requested to install the updated firmware version of the Studio Display. Apple does state that macOS Monterey 12.4 or later is required for the upgrade to work.

Since its debut, the Studio Display has suffered a number of other issues. Apple has also published upgrades to enhance the quality of the built-in camera after a number of customers reported concerns with it.

While the Studio Display still has its flaws, it is still one of the few monitors in the world that has a display, speakers, a camera, and a microphone.