With Acer’s brand-new Bike Desk, you can pedal to power your laptop

Peloton revived the popularity of stationary cycles by capitalising on the surge in at-home workouts that occurred during the epidemic. In order to keep healthy and productive, remote employees have started using bike workstations. Now, Acer has upped the ante with their innovative cycle desk, which can be used to power your laptop and other electronic gadgets just by pedalling.

eKinekt BD 3 by Acer was introduced at CES 2023. The desk bike converts the rider’s kinetic energy into electricity while they cycle. The amount of energy produced by continuous cycling at 60 RPM for one hour is 75 watts.

You may charge three devices simultaneously using the two USB Type-A connectors and the one USB Type-C port. Indicating that kinetic energy is being transferred, the bike desk’s LED charge indicator lights up while cycling.

A rider’s progress may be monitored by an LCD screen and a matching smartphone app. The software tracks your ride’s length, distance, and speed in real time and estimates your caloric expenditure and power output while you bike. Detailed information on riders, like their height, weight, gender, and age, may be entered into the app for better tracking.

The desk has two height options: In Working Mode, your desk will be adjusted so that you may type and pedal while sitting comfortably in an upright posture. The desk top moves forward in Sports Mode, allowing you to lean forward for more leg room and more efficient cycling.

The eKinekt has a height- and depth-adjustable table, a swivel-and-recline seat, and a resistance knob. There’s a spot to hang your luggage, and you can also store your drink. In addition, Acer emphasises that the desktop bikes’ housings are fabricated using PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic.