With co-op tag-teaming bosses, Elden Ring gamers are going crazy

This is a punishingly difficult action RPG that will have you continuously hurling yourself at enemies in futile attempts to defeat them. Unusually, it appears to be best enjoyed with company.

Like previous Souls games, Elden Ring doesn’t make you suffer alone. You may invite strangers and friends into your game. You may desire companionship, or you may require assistance from a boss who has been pummeling you for the previous eight hours.

In extraordinarily organised, skilled, and occasionally fortuitous brawls, some players have taken their co-op combat to new heights, getting the Elden Ring community fired up.

Look at these combo that can perfectly time their assaults for a record-breaking takedown.

sometimes_you_play_with_that_one_friend_a_little from r/Eldenring

“Was this choreographed?” a Redditor wondered, maybe in awe of the boxers’ incredible synchrony. Another user was astonished by the duo’s martial prowess and stated, “This was a symphony.” Even more than battling the game’s tough foes, Elden Ring gamers like seeing others do the same.

An unprepared foe was caught off guard as this Tarnished pair sneaked up and launched a surprise attack, followed by a barrage of backstabs.

i_was_playing_with_this_random_guy_without_saying from r/Eldenring

Meanwhile, this duo used a skill that allowed them to imitate stone statues to lead an invading player into a trap they set for themselves.

me_and_my_friend_both_mimicked_statues_and_jumped from r/Eldenring

Then there are certain players who aren’t so fortunate and are better at organising timely deaths than triumphs.

If you take a quick look around the Elden Ring subreddit, you’ll see plenty of gamers praising strangers for helping them out, photographs of new players teaming up for an edge, and praise for the coordination of these co-op warriors in general.

Though challenging, it’s well worth the effort

So, how do you play Elden Ring with friends? It isn’t as simple as you may expect. With previous Souls games, you cannot begin a multiplayer lobby and must summon other players into your realm after loading in. Until you have the proper supplies, you cannot perform this.

With the Furlcalling Finger Remedy, you can view the summon signs put by other players all across the world. Invite people to join you by interacting with them in a social setting. Signs that allow others to invite you to their sessions may be placed down by picking up Tarnished’s Furled Finger at the beginning of a game.

In order to play with friends instead of randoms, you’ll need to make a few adjustments in the game’s settings section. Choose a “multiplayer password” with your pals and input it in the Network menu, and you’re done! Only participants who have entered the same password as you will be summoned to your game in the future.

You can only have parties of three people in-game at any one time. Nonetheless, it’s enough for some excellent tag-team combat..

Try it out with Elden Ring if you’re interested.