With four years of significant OS upgrades, OnePlus surpasses Google

Some Android OEMs are making strides to catch up to Apple’s six years of upgrades for its phones. OnePlus is increasing the length of time it will provide significant operating system upgrades for its smartphones from three years to four, and from five years to six.

This schedule is comparable to Samsung’s, except Samsung provides security updates on a monthly basis whereas OnePlus does not. The corporation can’t boast too much since it only provides security patches every other month. While you may expect Android developer Google to have the finest update policy, the company only promises three years of OS upgrades and five years of security patches, putting it in last place.

The update schedule still has to be thought upon. OnePlus is more efficient than Samsung in terms of delivery time; it only took them one month to get Android 13 to their most recent flagship device. As the only Android manufacturer to provide instantaneous upgrades, Google comes out on top here.

The OnePlus 11 (which is coming out in the next few months) will likely be the first phone to get this update. Because of its merger with BBK sibling business Oppo, OnePlus is now experiencing certain difficulties. After the merger with Oppo, the skin that OnePlus used to provide with Android has become a heavy imitation of Apple’s interface.

Just one month before the release of the OnePlus 10, OnePlus announced that it will be changing its OS approach and moving away from the uniform Oppo skin. Given the short time frame, it is difficult to infer the company’s true Android design plan. Even so, the updating strategy has improved.