Work on the old town hall will begin in February

The wishes of the municipal council meeting on January 14th become short-term projects. The elected officials chose the craftsmen for the renovation of the Charbonnier house and the old town hall. The work takes place from February to September under the supervision of the architecture firm Virages de Montrottier (69).

The work will continue until September

First, the Cherblanc de Panissières company will step in for the demolition. Then the different building structures follow: Boinon de Civens for the roof, Super de Saint-Genest-Lerpt for the waterproofing, Forez Décor by Champdieu, plasters and paintings, Archimbaud de Boën, tiles, Technicom d’Andrézieux, plumbing, Noally de Chazelles, Electricity, Journet de Montrottier, exterior carpentry and Perret de Haute Rivoire, interior carpentry.

An external metal staircase that leads to the terrace is made by Bio-Métal de Veauche. The cost of the work is € 253,500 excluding taxes.

The project provides for a large club room on the ground floor, which is used, among other things, for outside school reception. Two furnished studios are planned for trainees on the upper floor or are used as emergency accommodation or as tourist accommodation.