Working in the metaverse has Microsoft concerned

Especially in terms of security, Microsoft must be ready for the inevitable coming together of the metaverse and business.

Executive Vice President for Security, Compliance, Identity and Management Charlie Bell said in a blog post that the metaverse carries with it a variety of scammers, wheelers-dealers and other suspicious-looking individuals much like every previous quantum leap in technology.

This assault might evolve into something similar to a Business Avatar Compromise because “every new technology has an inherent social engineering advantage,” according to Bell.

A face you know

A recognisable face—literally—like an avatar that impersonates your colleague, rather than a fake domain name or email address, might be used to target your identity in the metaverse,” he writes. So, when you put on your business VR gear and travel to the office, you may be meeting someone who wants to steal your money instead of your boss.

Although metaverse adoption is still in its infancy, it is moving at a glacial pace, just like any other new technology. Bell believes it’s important to lay the groundwork for a new way of working and cooperating by establishing a sound cybersecurity foundation.

A single opportunity exists at the outset of this period to develop particular, essential security principles that build trust and peace of mind for metaverse experiences, he says.

This is a fantastic chance to increase production, he says.

“If we don’t take advantage of this opportunity, we’ll stifle the adoption of technologies that might have a significant impact on accessibility, cooperation, and business. Work, shopping, and recreation must all be done securely if the security community is to succeed.

As a result, Bell urges all organisations, including those that compete with one other, to work together to build these foundations.

As long as we’ve understood that security is a team sport, there’s no one vendor, product, or technology that can accomplish it alone.” When it comes to dealing with identity in the metaverse “solving for it is critical,” he says, adding that “transparency and interoperability” are essential for the technology to take off.

What we’ve learned about identification, transparency, and the extraordinary cooperation of the security community should be at the forefront of this next generation of technology’s success,” Bell says.