Xiaomi might release twelve new phones in the near future

Xiaomi is known for releasing a lot of phones, and this year seems to be no exception, as a leaker has discovered proof of at least twelve more on the way.

Xiaomi code has references to twelve forthcoming devices, according to Digital Chat Station (a reliable leaker). All of these phones have codenames, but we have a reasonable understanding of what they are based on what Digital Chat Station states and past leaks.

The codenames ‘munch,’ ‘rubens,”matisse,’ and ‘fog,’ according to a machine-translated version of the article, most likely relate to the Redmi K50 line, which includes the K50, K50 Pro, K50 Pro Plus, and K50 Gaming Edition.

The Snapdragon 870, Dimensity 8000, and Dimensity 9000 chipsets will allegedly be used in these phones, which will be released in mid-to-late February.

The phones codenamed ‘thor’ and ‘loki’ are reported to be camera-focused flagships featuring a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, which is presently the most powerful Snapdragon processor. These aren’t identified, but they seem to be Xiaomi 12 models. We’re still waiting for the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, which according to rumours will include a massive camera increase.

Then there’s ‘light’ and ‘thunder,’ which are likely foldable phones like the Xiaomi Mi Mix Flip and Xiaomi Mix Fold 2.

Last but not least, there’s ‘zizhan,’ ‘zijin,’ ‘taoyao,’ and ‘opal,’ all of which are expected to feature Snapdragon 7 series processors. This corresponds to the Xiaomi 12 Lite, and some of these codenames have previously been associated with it.

However, one or more of them might come from the Redmi Note 12 series, which is also said to feature Snapdragon 7 series chipsets.

There are a lot of phones and a lot of time

Long some of these handsets might be available as early as February, Digital Chat Station does not specify release dates for the majority of them, so we may have to wait a while for some of them.

The Xiaomi 12 Lite and Xiaomi 12 Ultra will most likely be released soon – provided they’re coming at all – but some of the other phones on this list, such as the foldable, may take longer.

Then there’s the reality that, even if they’re revealed in China, some of these devices may not make it to the rest of the world until much later, if at all. For example, the Xiaomi 12 is already accessible in China, but not elsewhere.

Although there is a strong possibility this list and the source’s interpretation are correct, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to purchase any of these phones anytime soon.