Yelp has partnered with food tech firm Hazel Analytics to enhance its restaurant health ratings

On Thursday, Yelp launched a new relationship with Hazel Analytics, a Seattle-based food tech business, to boost health ratings on its site. Together, Yelp and Healthgrades are collaborating to improve Yelp’s restaurant ratings health information. Last year, Yelp and Hazel Analytics began working together to provide restaurant inspection results on Yelp.

Approximately 700,000 Yelp sites now include hygiene data provided by Hazel Analytics, which includes information on nearly 70 percent of the United States population. The number of states represented by this feature has increased from four to 48. Toronto and Vancouver health scores will be added to Yelp for the first time as part of the new function.

As COVID-19 limitations continue to be lifted, health inspections are rebounding from the early pandemic hiatus, and restaurants continue to adopt diner safety measures like contactless payments and virtual menus, Yelp announced in a blog post regarding the extension of its health scoring programme.

A company called Hazel Analytics uses publicly accessible data from local health agencies to create health ratings. A 100-point scoring methodology is used by Hazel Analytics when a health agency doesn’t provide a score as part of its health inspection results to indicate how a business’s most recent inspection compares to others in the same jurisdiction.

“Since our founding, the mission of Hazel Analytics has been to improve public health by connecting food service businesses, regulators and consumers,” said Arash Nasibi, the co-founder and CEO at Hazel Analytics, in a statement. “After years of providing award-winning technology solutions to enterprise food safety professionals, we’re now excited to partner with Yelp to make it easier than ever for consumers to have access to local dining establishments’ public health inspection information.”