You may now use the popular gaming dragon in lieu of Stray’s cat

There is a new mod that converts Spyro’s journey through Stray into a serpent’s trip amid dismal neon streets.

It’s been replaced by something far scarier than Stray’s quiet cat since it made its way into Doom. An ingenious mod known only as “Spyro” replaces Stray’s pet dragon with the original, more familiar purple one.

Every time you meet a new coloured or patterned cat while playing as Spyro, the mod replaces it with another dragon. The dragon’s high-resolution graphics blend in seamlessly with Stray’s surreal metropolis thanks to the use of the Spyro character model from the 2018 Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

A PC version of Stray is required, thus you’ll need to download and install this mod. If you possess a PS5 or PS4, you’re in luck of a different kind, since this ingenious method allows console players to play Stray for free.

Arriving with a bang

Surprisingly, Spyro is a good choice for the part. His small stature, despite his being a fire-breathing dragon, makes it easy for him to blend in with the cyberpunk setting. His friendliness and sweetness match even the most cuddly cats, of course, just add to his appeal.

At this point, the only option for Spyro enthusiasts is to use this mod until an official Spyro game is declared as being in production. With its one-button leap, Stray is a far cry from its predecessors, yet it is at its finest when you’re doing nothing. Insomniac, the original developer of Spyro, has tweeted (opens in new tab) its support for the mod.

If CelticDragon85, the game’s creator, is to be believed (opens in new tab), then we may expect to see Pokémon Eevee or Mew take Stray’s cat’s position in the game. We’d be all set if someone could merge these skins with the Stray splitscreen multiplayer mod.

You may use our helpful instructions to install Stray modifications to add Spyro to your own game. Adding dragons to BlueTwelve’s adventure game will be a breeze for you.