Your old furniture may be deleted and replaced using IKEA’s new iPhone app

It’s now possible to replace your old furniture with anything from IKEA’s catalogue thanks to a brand-new iPhone app that combines AI and augmented reality.

IKEA Kreativ isn’t the first to use augmented reality to preview furniture, but it’s the first to enable you to remove your old furniture from the image. With this tool, you can preview how your house might appear with an entirely new style in only a few minutes.

Google Pixel 6’s magic eraser-like effect is similar to this effect.

If you have Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro, iPad 11 (2021), or iPad Pro 11 (2021), you may use IKEA’s software to scan your space and generate an exact digital reproduction of it. It’s possible to utilise IKEA Kreativ with devices that aren’t LiDAR competent, but you’ll need to snap some images of your space first (and it might not be quite as accurate).

It’s like playing The Sims with your own house when you take photographs with the app and then have it process them into a wide-angle perspective.

With LiDAR, the software can offer you an accurate picture of whether or not the sofa will fit in your living room. Still, it’s a good idea to get out the old measuring tape and double-check that everything is going to fit.

However, the app does a great job at letting you know whether an item would fit well with your existing look. And even if you don’t end up purchasing the item from IKEA, you’ll be better prepared to find a comparable item at a lower price elsewhere.

Ikea Kreativ is now only available in the United States, but the company has intentions to make it available elsewhere.

IKEA’s digital capabilities continue to grow, and this app is the latest in that growth. Like its Picture Frame and Lamp speakers, as well as its newly launched smart-home hub, Sonos has a wide range of products to choose from (that will be Matter compatible).

IKEA has just become a member of a new group of firms, which includes Meta, dedicated to the promotion of metaverse standardisation. Early developers should benefit from this, and it might be an indication that IKEA intends its products to one day furnish our virtual homes.