Your old PC or Mac may become a Chromebook with the help of Google

A new operating system called ChromeOS Flex has been unveiled by Google, which promises to turn your old PC or Mac into a Chromebook-like device.

ChromeOS Flex, first announced in February 2022, is now available for download on many Windows and macOS devices, with Google claiming that it is especially useful for older machines, giving businesses and educational institutions (BESs) more freedom in the software they choose to run on their systems.

More than two hundred and ninety-five models, some of which have not been formally tested by Google’s experts, have been approved for the new operating system. Many MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models, as well as a slew of Dell and HP devices, are on the list of Google-approved models (opens in new tab).

Windows and Mac computers can run ChromeOS

In an analogy to sun damage, Google believes that “software bloat, clumsy hardware, and security flaws may inflict undesirable harm.” As a workaround, Google recommends installing ChromeOS Flex on older PCs as a kind of sunscreen.

Apps from the Play Store may be downloaded and installed on the cloud-first software to use Google Workspace products like Gmail, Meet, and Google Docs in a simplified manner.

ChromeOS Flex may be quickly installed through USB or your company’s network, making the process of updating as simple as possible.

There are 40 million tonnes of e-waste being created globally every year—the equivalent of 800 computers each second—and “electronics don’t slow down with time,” according to the business.

ChromeOS Flex is expected to be 19 percent more energy efficient, according to a blog post by the company’s Enterprise and Education Director of Product, Thomas Riedl. Devices using the newest ChromeOS Flex interface will continue to get automatic background upgrades, which will keep them safe and secure.

For corporations and educational institutions, Google’s pitch should be a pleasant one, since it will lead to lower capital expenditures due to the extended gadget lifespan. With that stated, it may not be the best option for everyone, since many businesses still depend on Windows or Mac OS X-only software to run their operations.